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Welcome to Our Toy Store

Tom's Toys has the widest and best selection of toys in Berkshire County. We opened our doors in 1996. We've been here on Main Street, Great Barrington, serving people from 1 to 100 years old, ever since. In those years, children of all ages have found just the toy they wanted: stuffed animals, science and crafts kits, dolls, construction toys, games, books, blocks, cars, trucks, puzzles, whatzits, whoozits, whirlygigs, whatchmacallits, gadgets, new toys, classic toys, and every other fun kind of toy you can think of. In fact, we have an inventory of over 20,000 different toys. Many of our customers live and work in the community. Others vacation here, and visit during their favorite Berkshire season. Plenty come as they're passing through Great Barrington for the first time.


Tom Levin, the founder, is almost always somewhere in the store, and if you can't find him, one of his wonderful staff is there to help you.


We hope we'll see you in the store. If you can't make it, write us. We promise to write you back.


See you soon,

Tom and his team